Pyrotect’s Patented Pro Airflow interior helmets are unmatched by the competition. This exclusive side feed design helps reduce fogging along the front and top venting to keep you both cooler and more comfortable. Designed with a hand laminated 100% Carbon light weight shell for maximum durability; Stainless Steel hardware and a Kevlar chinstrap

In order to create a carbon fiber helmet, the manufacturer has to use heat and transform acrylic fiber into a carbon fiber composite. This material is known for its strength and its low weight. Because of these two qualities, carbon fiber is usually the go-to material when building helmets. The agv ax 8 evo naked carbon fiber helmet is the street version of the ax 8 ds evo but with a full carbon fiber chassis and no peak. Carbon Fibre Helmet Bikebiz Wholesale Motorcycle Helmets Motocross Dirt Bike Racing Off Road